What is ipPulse?

ipPulse™ is a Connectivity and Device Status Monitoring Tool. Use ipPulse to monitor the connectivity status of IPv4 connected devices (computers, routers, switches, printers) on any IPv4 connected network. ipPulse can use one or two tests including ping, TCP Port connection, or SNMP to poll and check the network connectivity of your list of devices. ipPulse alerts you to failures using several methods ranging from audible messages to email notification - send alert emails to your phone. Logging to a text file is supported.

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Requires Windows 8.x, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2012 GUI, 2008, 2003. A 32 bit program that runs on 32 or 64 bit Windows.

Monitoring Test Methods used by ipPulse

Each IPv4 address can be tested with a Primary Test and an optional Secondary Test.
  • Primary test can Ping the target to see if it responds or connect to a TCP port* to see if the connection is accepted.
  • Secondary test has three modes: disabled, connect to a TCP port* to see if the connection is accepted or it can use SNMP v1/v2c to find out if a network interface is down.
*Each target can have a different TCP port and the primary/secondary TCP ports can be different. Most users opt for Ping as the Primary Test.

Notification Methods: when a failure occurs, there are several user-configurable things it can do:
  • Email Notice - supports sending mail through both secure (TLS) and unsecure email servers.
  • Audible Beep or play a WAV file.
  • Logging to a text file.
  • Logging to a web page.
  • Launch an external program on failure with command line parameters.

More about ipPulse

Add quick, dynamic tab functionality to transition through panes of local content, even via dropdown menus.

  • Supports a large list of target hosts entered as either hostnames or IP addresses. The list can be imported from a text file.
  • Polls the list on a cyclical basis with full control over the list cycle timing parameters.
  • Supports a primary and secondary test.
  • Supports standard Ping (ICMP Echo Requests/Replies). Primary test only.
  • TCP Port numbers for TCP connect tests are assignable on a per-node basis. Primary or secondary test.
  • Optionally uses SNMP v1/v2c as a secondary test by requesting MIB2 ifOperStatus for every interface found on the target node. Community names are assignable on a per-target basis.
  • Optional SNMP queries can be made for obtaining more extensive data from the target host. ipPulse includes a number of OID presets and 12 user defined OIDs. Example: you can obtain MAC addresses for every interface from an SNMP enabled host.
  • Multiple alerts and logging. Alert options include beeping your computer, playing a wave file, notifying someone by email, or sending an email to a cell phone. Logging options include logging all test results to a text file, logging only errors to a text file, or logging errors to a dynamically created HTML page. Any combination of logging options can be used. Alerts are issued upon failures using user-defined criteria. Changes from a FAIL state to a PASS state can generate email messages.
  • Email notification via the SMTP protocol with the server of your choice. It supports standard SMTP messaging (no authentication), SMTP AUTH Login and STARTTLS (TLS) messaging.
  • Remote Control allows you to view log files and start, pause or stop a scanning cycle. Remote Control is password protected and can be accessed on user defined TCP port. It is disabled by default.
  • All documentation is contained in a local help file (press F1).

  • Requires Windows 8 (32/64), 7 (32/64), Windows Vista (32/64), Windows 2012 GUI, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, XP. Does not support earlier versions of Windows.
  • Requires TCP/IP network connection.
  • Requires 1024 x 768 display.
  • ipPulse can be set to run on program startup.
  • Licensed on a single computer system basis. You can monitor an unlimited amount of target nodes (within technical limitations of the program) from your licensed copy.

ipPulse Main Window

ipPulse Settings Window

ipPulse Target List Editor

ipPulse Log View Selector

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Installation Instructions
Unzip and run ipls185.exe. Follow the directions in the installation utility. Uninstall is supported from Control Panel.

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The zip file size is exactly 3,609,502 bytes. Did you get a different size when downloading with Internet Explorer? Then try using Chrome or Firefox.

Code Signing
The ipPulse installer and executable application components are code signed for your protection.

Pricing: The cost for a single license unlock code is $69 US.

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